Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Classic Video Game Console Timeline

Just for fun, but maybe useful for someone, I'm documenting some classic home video game consoles. I'll stop before I get to Playstation 1. All release dates are for the U.S. versions. And I know there are many other systems I haven't included. I'm okay with that.

Odyssey: 1972-1975

Pong: 1975-1977?

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Psalm 68, Ephesians 4, and the Likelihood of Chance

I confessed to my friend Ted last week that I had done a crummy job of Bible reading lately. Well, for a long while, actually. I'm more likely to pick up a comic book than the Bible. I'm more likely to play Atari games than read the Bible. I'm more likely to do just about anything than read the Bible. Don't ask why. I don't know why. I have no excuse.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Some Fiction, Based on a Dream, 2018Aug11

I walked home from work on Thursday. It had rained a couple hours earlier. One of those summer afternoon rains that catches you off-guard from outside the window. But it wasn't raining now, and I felt like walking. I'm always fascinated by being "among the people" on the bus, but sometimes it just feels good to hoof it. Roughly four miles to my brownstone apartment, it was a decent walk that would give me plenty of time to unwind.

"This town has nice sidewalks," I thought. Maybe not everywhere, but in my part of town, anyway. They're usually in good repair, with chips and cracks being the exception rather than the rule. City Hall had recently pushed through an initiative to repair or replace the ailing walkways around town, and they'd done a good job, even to the extent of adding sidewalks in places that were lacking. No longer do I have to step down onto the street for 100-foot sections of my walk home. It's clean grey concrete the whole way now. Now if they'd only fix the streets, we'd be onto something. A truck