Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Classic Video Game Console Timeline

Just for fun, but maybe useful for someone, I'm documenting some classic home video game consoles. I'll stop before I get to Playstation 1. All release dates are for the U.S. versions. And I know there are many other systems I haven't included. I'm okay with that.

Odyssey: 1972-1975

Pong: 1975-1977?

Atari 2600: 1977-1992

Odyssey 2: 1978-1984

Intellivision: 1979-1990

Colecovision: 1982-1985

Atari 5200: 1982-1984

Nintendo Entertainment System: 1983-2003

Atari 7800: 1986-1992

Sega Master System: 1986-1992

Sega Genesis: 1988-1997

Super Nintendo Entertainment System: 1990-2003

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