Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Coffee Checklist (Download below)

I like to experiment with coffee.

Different beans, different temperatures, different brew methods, different roast dates... I could keep going.

Coffee experimentation is generally good. As a relatively new coffee drinker, I'm learning what I like, and I'm "developing my palate" (coffee snob alert).

But my rampant experimentation was uncontrolled, and I couldn't keep track of my experiments. Each and every brew was different. This brings about two problems:

  1. Without knowing what I did in my last brew, I have nothing to build on. I was starting over with each and every brew.
  2. Sometimes I didn't want to experiment. I just wanted to do a known thing and get a known good cup of coffee. I had no set recipe to go back to for that perfect cup.

Enter the Coffee Checklist. It allows me to quickly record the details of each brew so that I can replicate a brew later on or build on the previous brew's recipe.

The Coffee Checklist is useful. I made it for me, and I'll share it with you. Here it is in Acrobat PDF format (Click on the screenshot to get the full-size version):

Coffee Checklist