Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Don't Take Breaks

I'm building a dollhouse for my daughter. I've been building this dollhouse for three years.

It has nine hundred pieces of balsa wood, most of which need to be individually cut out, painted, and glued.

...It's a big project...

But the truth is that I haven't really been working on it for three years. I worked on it for maybe a week. Then I took a year off. Then I worked on it for a month. And then another year off. And for the past few months I've been working on it pretty steadily.

I have learned a lesson: Don't take breaks.

You take a break for whatever reason, and it's so hard to get started again. But when you do get started again, you realize that after this big long break, the work is still sitting there unfinished waiting for you. It didn't go anywhere. Your break did nothing but extend the schedule. So now rather than give a really awesome dollhouse to a six-year-old girl who could enjoy it for several years, I'll be giving a really awesome dollhouse to a girl who's getting ready to age out of playing with dollhouses.

If you are working on a dollhouse, don't take breaks. Put your head down and push through it. It will it be over before you know it.